Thursday, November 13, 2008


Left behind in Louisville
While I was unpacking from my trip yesterday, I realized that several items I'd taken with me to V&P didn't make it home. An entire outfit and several necklaces. And after the incident where my Bible went missing after a trip to Southern California, I was pretty upset. "What is UP with the thieves at Southwest?" I thought. "This is insane!"

I ranted to myself for the better part of the afternoon until a little niggling thought crossed my mind. "Did you check the closet in the hotel room?" I thought. "I mean, you checked the shower and the bathroom and the table next to the bed where you slept, but what about the closet?" I couldn't remember.

So today I called Southern's Legacy Center, where we stayed, and asked if by chance the cleaning staff had turned up anything. And of course they had. Everything I was missing had been found in the closet of my room, just where I left it. And because they are kind Baptists, they're sending everything to me.

And speaking of missing things
As part of tearing apart my luggage while hunting for my missing clothes, I realized my suitcase had a weird, heavy lump on one side, in a large outer pocket I never use. Curious, I opened it up and reached inside.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled out my old ESV Bible, the one I'd thought had been stolen out of my luggage last summer. The one I literally mourned.

So I've spent almost six months thinking Southwest was harboring some sort of Scripture thief and all the while, my beloved Bible was sitting on a shelf in my closet. I'm kind of a dork, as it turns out.

And speaking of dorks
I broke down and joined a gym. Gold's, specifically. Now that I'm basically taking no ongoing medications and feeling a lot better (praise God!), at least for now, I think it's time to get active again. Which I am looking forward to about as much as I would a colonoscopy or gum scraping.

I have trainer appointments and nutritionist appointments and I've signed up for Pilates and whatnot.



Sharon said...

a gym could be a place to run into a ESV toting stud. maybe. probably not in pilates class though.

Unknown said...

I can't believe you found it. I did that with a skirt once...thought I lost it and months later found it in the bottom of the suitcase I swore I had torn apart. In any case very glad to hear the old friend has returned.