Saturday, November 22, 2008

New favorite thing: stoneware spoons

I have this weird habit -- whenever I drink coffee, I leave a spoon in the cup. I think it comes from my early days as a coffee drinker, when I was constantly trying to get the sugar-to-coffee-to-cream ratio right. This involved a fair amount of stirring, and if you drink out of a mug, there's really no place to set a sticky, wet spoon like there is with a cup and saucer. Letting it sit in the mug was just neater, easier. And a habit was born.

So when I saw these cool stoneware spoons at Basic French, I was very happy. They're the perfect size to leave in a mug of coffee. They're ceramic, so they take on the temperature of the coffee, and the patterns are just too cute (as an aside, if you're a Francophile, Basic French is definitely the site for you).

I splurged and got three of them:

The red pattern reminds me of chintz china.

They have already worked themselves into my morning routine.

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