Friday, November 7, 2008

V&P Day Two: Fun with Silly Putty

It's part of the Capitol Ministries culture that eggs of Silly Putty are handed out at meetings -- when the board of directors gets together, and again at Vision & Planning. During long stretches of time when folks are uptaking tons of information and glued to their seats, it's helpful to have something to keep folks' hands busy.

It's interesting to watch people fiddling with these little globs of goo. And something of a Rorschach test seeing what people turn their malleable little globs into.

Here's Don Garner (from the great state of Texas :)) getting his Silly Putty ready to go:

Here's what Aaron Dogotch (Minnesota) did with his. This took two eggs' worth:

Curtis Solomon (Arizona) was a bit of a variation on this theme. I like his multimedia approach with the hard-boiled egg's inclusion:

And Dan File (Colorado and Wyoming) is very mechanically inclined, which shows in what he rendered:

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