Friday, November 28, 2008


  • Breakfast with Shu! and Eric at Sarabeth's
  • The (fabulous) shoe sale at Bergdorf's, which I could not resist, and Louis Vuitton
  • More shopping in SoHo and NoHo, including the Camper shoe store (another case of not being able to resist) and Mayle (which didn't have a single garment in a size larger than a 4), and walking through the Bowery
  • Tried to go to the Tenement Museum but by the time we got there, all the day's tours were sold out, so bought postcards instead and wandered the neighborhood
  • The Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Station (found the "secret" Art Deco elevators) (which must not be so secret because we rode up in it with others). We learned that Anneliese had been attacked by an iguana at work and wound up with a tetanus shot and prescription for antibiotics when all was said and done
  • Dinner in Chinatown with Shu!, Eric and Michael (we went to a restaurant that Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton both apparently enjoy)
  • Watched The Happening on On Demand and ate ice cream
  • To bed


Christina said...

=) Sounds like you all are having a blast!

But you gotta tell me -- (though I'm sure you've explained this somewhere elst that I missed...)--- what's the deal with the "!" at the end of "Shu!"?

Nora :) said...

Eric, Shu! and I went to college together. People were constantly just shouting his name at him on campus -- across the quad, in passing, whatever. So, I started spelling his name with the exclamation point to reflect the shouting.

Christina said...

Ahh... Darn. I was hoping his parents were really interesting people who had that printed on his birth certificate...

Unknown said...

Miss you girl. but so glad you're having a good time. looking forward to catching up Monday!!