Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The squirrel has landed

Yesterday was a whirlwind.

Despite not having a working phone for more than half the day and no email or printing abilities, Sweepa and I got reasonably settled in to the new job yesterday.

I have nine bills, three of which are set for hearing on Wednesday (!). Two of which are being amended. Ha.

Between calls to committee consultants (once my phone worked) and trying to find where the three-hole punch and office supplies were, I managed to unpack Sweepa.

This yielded the following conversation, or a derivative thereof, at least three times:
Someone: Nora, can you... Uh, there's a squirrel over there.
Nora: Yep.
Someone: Wow.
Nora: (maintains expectant look on face while waiting for Someone to resume questioning)
Someone: ...
Someone: Anyway, Nora, can you...
Good times.

Here's my office. Sean came a'visiting yesterday and pointed out it needs some stuff on the walls. I'll need to work on that. Maybe once I can print and therefore complete committee statements, I'll move on to decor.

They even got me a wee little nameplate for my door! In case I forget where I live. Which, based on yesterday, might happen.


Christina said...

=) Sweet that the boss would be concerned!

When I first met Sweepa, I was less surprised by the fact that you had a squirrel on your desk and more surprised by how, uh, loved she looked.

Sharon said...

ooo...you have your own office -- with a DOOR. Nice!

Stacy said...

so...*did* you have a good first day?