Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Last night

What could make Opening Day better? OK, yes, tickets immediately behind home plate at Minute Maid Field coupled with hot dogs, an open stadium roof and, oh yeah, pitching from Oswalt that featured both heat and accurate placement. Another thing was getting together with friends for pigs in blankets, pulled pork sandwiches, root beer floats and, when the game's done, some Wii.

Here I am with Baby Selah. We were watching the game and I was instructing her on the finer points of late-inning relief pitching and clutch hitting. She was a rapt student. Largely because I fed her pieces of biscuit the whole time.

Once the game ended, the Wii came out. Oh yes.

There was ski jumping, there was hula hooping, there was... I don't even know what all. Oh, yeah, this is my pastor. With Sean helping with some body English.

And here are Christina and David's little boys, sitting still (rare occurrence!) for some ice cream. How cute are they?!

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Christina said...

As something to celebrate a sport that I don't care much about (so sorry!), the whole thing was way too much fun! ;)

By the way, the kids in your pics are way too cute, as well...