Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Need help with headphones

Can anyone recommend some headphones for my iPod that won't jiggle out of my ears as I run on the treadmill?

I currently have ones like these -- in-ear head phones with little silicone sleeves -- which sound great when I'm not moving too much but they fall out of my ears when I run. I bought some add-on over-the-ear sleeve thingies to use with them, but they totally don't work -- not sure if the headphones aren't meant to be used with them or what, but they barely stay on my ears in the first place and the headphones sort of wriggle out anyway as I exercise.

It's making me a little crazy, the Headphone Situation. The treadmill experience is made so much better with eardrum-thumping music, and last night I was finally just over the whole fiddling-and-still-falling-out stuff and ripped them out altogether and ran -- in silence. Which was not great.

Help? Specific brands, models and links all appreciated.


David said...

the ones that came with my ipod work just fine for me.

Sharon said...

sound quality is not great, but I picked up some light-weight over-the-head type ones at target a couple months ago. they do a better job of staying put (but don't look very cool). Sorry, I don't remember brand...