Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I know I'm not writing.

By the time I hit the weekend, I thought my brain might just plumb fall out. I'd managed to put one foot in front of the other last week, get my bills out of committee, show up at work every day reasonably appropriately dressed, and not have my new boss thrown out of the Legislature for my antics. Victory!

But I spent this weekend like it was like the old days in Approps -- stunned, trying to get laundry done and errands run, all in a fog. Not just tired, though there was that, but out of it. Sunday at some point it occurred to me, "Oh. I have to go back to the Capitol this week. Because I work there now."

When I went back, I knew there'd be an adjustment. But I thought it would be in terms of work -- remembering the patterns of staffing bills, reconnecting with old colleagues, that sort of thing. I'd forgotten how the busy times (which we're in right now) can sort of eat you up in a way, and since I'm out of practice, that's all the more true.

It's all OK, good even -- just a recalibration. Once this week is over, things should even out a touch.

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David said...

i dropped by your office yesterday, but you weren't there. and no tweets for three days now. are you still alive?