Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A day in the life of a legislative staffer

Scene: The office is just crazed -- phones ringing, fax machine screaming, staff literally running to where ever. And I'm clearly on the phone -- like, talking, and with my desk covered in papers and binders, and writing and answering email all the while. There is no way I look like someone who is available to talk.

In the middle of all this crazy, a lobbyist walks into my office, sits down across from me, and just starts talking.

Nora: Um, Lobbyist, I'm on the phone here.

Lobbyist: Yes, but I just need a minute.

Nora: OK, but I am on the phone. Already talking to someone.

Lobbyist: Just one minute.

Nora: Do I not appear to be on the phone? Because I am on the phone.

Lobbyist: It'll only take a second.

Et cetera. He only left when I literally turned my back to him.

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