Thursday, January 1, 2009

Poll results, a cautionary tale and the return of an old favorite

The reader(s) have spoken!
Eleven votes later, one of my resolutions for the year has been chosen: daily blogging in 2009. I will do my best not to be completely terrible at it.

Do you have liquid bandages in the house? If not, go get some.
When Skinny Spice was still in California but her husband had already been deployed, she cut her thumb pretty badly washing dishes on a knife lurking in the soapy water. Living alone at the time, she was lucky to have a friend give her a ride to the drugstore, where she bought Band Aid liquid bandage to stop the bleeding. After her experience, she exhorted me (as someone who lives alone and probably doesn't want to be calling 911 to give her a ride to the emergency room for a cut) to get a package of this stuff and keep it on hand, because you just never know. I did.

Cut (ha!) to last night, when I was washing a sink full of dishes after making dinner. And grabbed a chef's knife by the wrong end and cut the bejeezus out of my left index finger. The cut strangely didn't hurt, given its size, but was bleeding a lot. Enough to make me sweaty and queasy. And enough to realize a regular Band Aid was not going to do the job.

I did the only logical thing -- called poor Eric to talk me through it and headed upstairs, phone cradled in the crook of my neck, to get the liquid bandages. It took two of the little swabs' worth, and I have to say it really, really hurt when I put the goo on there (I yelled a few very bad words in poor Eric's telephonic ear), but the bleeding stopped. Without stitches! Or paramedics!

An old friend returns.
A couple of Christmases ago now, Eric gave Daisy a plush squeaky dog bone with the word "kosher" written on it. It's a long story how that came to be, but Daisy loved that toy. Loved it to the point that I thought I would lose my mind with the squeaky. She eventually "loved" it to the point that its squeaker was (blessedly) silenced, it became filthy over time and, as is the way with dog toys, it fell somewhat out of favor. But it held its favored status for much longer than any toy had before it, or to this day.

Last night after The Finger Incident as I was watching Elf on the DVR (I'd never seen it before), I caught Daisy prancing in her "Look at me!' way out of the corner of my eye. And she'd brought something with her:

I don't know what prompted her, but she'd pulled her kosher bone out of the toy basket and brought it to me to play fetch with. Which we did for quite a while.

Her love of the kosher bone was in full effect; she brought it up onto the couch (which wasn't exciting for me as it isn't terribly clean), and it took a little explaining to convince her that she didn't need to bring it to bed with her, that it'd be here in the morning waiting for her.

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Christina said...

Haha! I won!! =)
David and I didn't agree on which resolution to vote for, so being the good wife that I am, I changed his vote to mine since our computer would only let us vote once! ;)