Friday, January 9, 2009


The last two days have been a whoooosh of people and planning. And I should probably blog about it, but I am just so pooped and fighting off a migraine.

So, in short:
  • Yesterday was The Big Game: Florida at Oklahoma. The National Championship, at least according to the BCS. I was lucky to host my pastor, his family, the church's new associate pastor and some of his family over to watch a DVR-delayed version of the game. It was a lot of fun, and I'm sad for Greg that OU lost. I really am.
  • Tomorrow Lynne (with a little help from me, but not much) is hosting a baby shower for a lovely lady from church. It's her third child, but her first since she and her family have joined our church family, so we want to get together for fellowship and prayer to welcome the new little one. Tonight after work was shopping and table setting and tablecloth ironing in advance of tomorrow's gathering. Which will be a wonderful time, I'm sure.
  • Shu! and Anneliese are still in the vicinity from the wilds of New Jersey, and tomorrow night there's a get together in East Sac for them. It involves an in-home tiki bar. Which is a little daunting.
  • Two precious, highly anticipated baby girls were born this week into our church family, Eden and Kate. It's been so nice to be awaiting their arrival and then seeing pictures of their wee little faces poking up out of the hospital blankets. Baby burritos, as it were.
  • Sunday is ... Sunday. Sunday school and church and Cora and Baby Belinda!

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