Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wait -- what?

Three hunters allegedly discovered the dead body of a Bigfoot (is that supposed to be capitalized?) in Georgia, packed it in ice, shipped it to (where else?) the Bay Area, and are having a press conference tomorrow at a hotel where it will be unveiled for the press and other official gawkers. Pictures of whatever-it-is have already been leaked on the Interwebs, of course.

Here's the story from BoingBoing, but there's also ongoing coverage from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (whose reporters have to be wondering right about now why on earth they paid all that money to go to J School):

Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo writes about the Bigfoot body purported to be discovered in the woods in Northern Georgia. The guys who claim to have discovered it are holding a press conference in Palo Alto on Friday.

Is it real? It certainly looks like the real deal, and with a surprising variety of features.

The hominoid (please note, not hominid) body, found in the Georgia woods, is now in a secure location, under armed guard, and set to be examined by a battery of academic scholars, skeptical scientists, Bigfoot researchers, and debunking writers.

Who is to say the discovery of Bigfoot won’t happen this way?

With offers of millions of dollars, just for the photographs of the body, Loren Coleman and Cryptomundo was given one copy of the first image to share with you, our readers.

The body doesn’t look exactly like people thought it would, because the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot has been the model in our minds. However, this looks as if it is an actual apelike primate. Indeed, the gorilla-like facial features, the robust lack of canines, and the grinding surfaces shown in the teeth suggest a bulky vegetarian with a mixture of higher primate characteristics.

Will further tests and the proposed live capture of others prove beyond a doubt that Bigfoot is a new species? Stay tuned.

Editor's note: I didn't include the picture of the thawing alleged critter because it's sort of strange (if a bit like an ape suit stuffed in a beer cooler). If you're interested in seeing it for yourself, click here.

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