Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little victories

I haven't been able to drink carbonated beverages for the two years I've been on Topamax. One of its (many, lovely) side effects is that it makes sodas and other bubbly things taste flat and metallic. And warm, which is really strange.

Not being able to drink Coke was, at least at first, the single hardest thing about the medication. I was basically addicted to it, drinking it throughout the day for the caffeine and sugar high. Giving it up, trading it for water and lemonade, was painful.

So last night, I decided to see just how detoxed I am: I opened up a Coke, a Coke that'd been sitting in my frig for two long years, and tentatively drank a few sips.

And it tasted like Coke -- sweet and bubbly and cold and delicious. Just like I remember.


Christina said...

Wow! It wasn't expired??

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure Coke is its own preservative. ;)

(Self-referential Word Verification: fudezzqp) Ha!

Nora :) said...

I am old enough to remember when expiration dates were added to soft drinks. Why, I'm not sure, because anything that is able to eat acid off car batteries can probably survive OK in a can :) (why we're drinking it is another question).

Christina said...

Haha.. Well, I have had an expired diet coke before that was definitely... expired. But then again, it was diet.