Monday, August 18, 2008

A blog after my own heart

Via Christina and David, the Interwebs brings us The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. The blog features signage and notes with, appropriately enough, unnecessary quotation marks. Which are but one of the many forms of bad punctuation that make me a little crazy. Ah, I do love the Interwebs.

Here are a few items for your consideration:

The birthday person in question may or may not be named Ann, or may just be posing as someone named Ann. We aren't sure; therefore, we'll put her name in quotes just in case.

Ah, this is the exit you take in case you're not sure if you're experiencing an outright emergency or not. If the situation makes you want to use air quotes, go that way.

Then, my favorite (though the blog goes on and on, so I probably shouldn't say that):

There is a "Criticle" Toner Cartride Situation here, people. Bret is on his way (thank goodness). I do not know how else the person who left this note could have connoted the urgency of the printer problem. Capital letters? Check. Bold face? Check. Underlining? Check. Desperate misspellings in the face of a copier crisis? Check.


Christina said...

"Brilliant!" =)

Unknown said...

You'll appreciate this:

Unknown said...

If the copier is jammed on what device did he/she "print" the notice?

Unknown said...

Also this.

This is my pet issue:

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