Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A moment of clarity

It's Suspense Week for my former coworkers back in Approps Land -- the week when hundreds of bills are dispensed with in one hearing that's preceded by countless hours of meetings and handwringing and brokered deals and negotiations and amendments and generalized yuckiness. And for the crew in the Senate, that means extended dealings with Assembly members and their staffs -- and they are legion.

It's the first time in six years I'm not there for the crazy. I can honestly say I do not miss it. But my heart is heavy for those who remain, particularly knowing they're at least a staff member short in the committee and the workload was crushing even when with a full staff complement.

I went to a book signing last week where a lot of folks from the building were in attendance. One lobbyist who hadn't seen me since May told me I looked five years younger. Can't imagine why.

Edited to add: I found out tonight that Suspense was last week -- apparently, they moved the hearing up a full week in order to try to adjourn session a week early. This only confirms (a) I am officially completely out of the loop and (b) I am so grateful that the Lord delivered me from that place when He did. Like Suspense isn't hard enough at its normal time without making it earlier than usual. Wow.


Sharon said...

must be the new make-up :-)

Anonymous said...

Love you!