Saturday, February 28, 2009

YouTubing it in

Random thoughts for a random Saturday.

First, Baby Selah. For those of you who don't know David and Christina, she's the sweet little glow-worm baby used in last winter's experiments with Daisy and baby cuddling. So far, she's still the only baby who, after I've spent time with, Daisy smells on my clothes and me and gets all giddy about.

Anyway. Baby Selah is now almost 13 months old. And as cute as the day is long. Here's a video of her being adorable. It makes me want to chew on her face. And can we talk about the wee little ears on her hoody? Just too much:

Next, a song for today. I have been haunting YouTube looking for scary metal music to play on my iPod while running. And in looking through Metallica's offerings, I found this. Dare I say it's ... sweet? Thoughtful? Loving? Apparently these guys do have hearts after all, when they're not chasing down Napster scofflaws and defending their copyright:

Last, this commercial. Have y'all seen this? I am so horrified by the, um, hair that I didn't even know it was advertising a cell phone company until I was searching for it on YouTube. It's like my brain just screams the whole time I watch. And the look on the face of the guy on the back of the bike is priceless.


Christina said...

What a fabulous post!

(And I still love that video of Selah. Even though I get to kiss her cheeks anytime I want!)

That commercial, though, is just... scary.

Sharon said...

I love when rockers do real music. You can't just take any rock song and add in such lush orchestrations. For a minuet or two I was worried that the drums weren't coming in -- phew!

and yes, I did see that commercial. once. once is enough. uck.