Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ode to my lost sunglasses

I bought you in a last splashy splurge
Full price at Nordstrom.
But you were perfect:
My headaches were the justification.

But now you're gone,
Lost to a weird Wednesday that had me whispering on my cell in a public bathroom
And bailing on Bible study
To talk to stressed friends and former coworkers.

Oh Michael Kors, you minx.
You design overpriced-yet-unquestionably-fabulous sunglasses --
Enormous lenses that were *just* dark enough
In the perfect tortoise shell frame.
Jackie O.
Carole Migden told me I looked like a movie star in them,
But of course that's another story.

What shall I do, now that you've left me,
And all that remains is a memory of your exact rightness?
Sullen, forlorn, I'll haunt Nordstrom Rack,
Searching for your doppelganger
And squinting.


Unknown said...

Nicely done!

Christina said...

This brought tears to my eyes and sympathy to my heart (and then I had to laugh at myself). I'm so sorry! I certainly know the love of a good pair of sunglasses...

On a slightly brighter note, my captcha is "dingber". =)

Anonymous said...

That is brilliant.

But to the important question: I suspect Carole Migden may be involved in their disappearance. Really.

Anonymous said...

I am STILL searching for a replacement for the Donald Pliners that were a similar splurge that I lost 7 years ago. No sun glasses can ever, ever compare. *sob*