Saturday, February 14, 2009

The weekend so far

Book club! Yay!

I love my book club and the great, funny, smart, irreverent women who comprise it. The women are all connected to the Capitol in one way or other, so there's always lots of good gossip, tall tales and speculation. It's a very good time.

Last month we read Doubt (all 50 pages of it...) and coming up next we have Honeymoon with My Brother, which will include a field trip to see the author who's promoting his next book.

Sunshine peeking through the clouds

Lots of errands today. The gym (three minutes of running! woot!). Filling up the car. Off to Chick-Fil-A for lunch (my sole concession to today being Valentine's Day). And Smart & Final. More about that in a minute.

Several days of cold, overcast, drizzly weather gave way to some glorious, warm sunshine. Just a few minutes, but it was enough to get me to open the sunroof and revel.

Smart & Final, and communion

I was tasked with doing the grocery shopping for Sunday night's communion meal. So today found me at Smart & Final buying baked potato fixings for 100.


Anyway, here you can see most of the bags of food for tomorrow night. This doesn't include the desserts, which were in the freezer already, and the 200 pats of butter which I hustled into the refrigerator.

I am convinced I completely overbought some things (broccoli) and underbought others (cherry tomatoes). But it will all be fine in some way I can't see right now.


Wall-E, a fire in the fireplace, a glass of wine and early to bed.

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