Tuesday, February 10, 2009


First night on Finance Committee

It was great. The people are really smart and concerned about the church's well being. They are also pretty much hilarious. Why they want me there with them, I'm not sure, but I'm clearly the weak link with a huge learning curve ahead of me.

If the church suddenly experiences a fiscal lurch or we authorize funding for unicorn hunting or something, it's so not them -- it's me.

Sean is very happy.

We're all quite happy (maybe the more appropriate word is "relieved,") but Sean especially.

Here he is yesterday, kissing the object of his happiness. So to speak. It's a bit of a long story.

There is a Bathroom Bandit at work

I have no idea who this person is (and I say "this person" because there's at least one man who uses the first floor women's bathroom with some frequency) (which is a whole other post), but he/she is some sort of cretin. He/she leaves the counter top around the sink awash with pools of water, empty toilet paper rolls strewn on the floor, and, um, things unflushed. It's seriously gross and concerning.

It could pretty much be anybody, given the size of the Senator Hotel and its many offices, but I am on the case.

1 comment:

David Wolfe said...

1. Maybe it's because your the Donor relations Coordinator for a major Christian organization, and you've got a nose for money AND cows. That right there makes you qualified enough. Besides, a night with Lynne and the two Eric's certainly beats DVR, WOW, or BDGB (blind date gone bad)

2. Would that be an accounting statemate Sean is kissing? Donations good? =)

3. Sounds like a real crapshoot. Psst...It's probably Lila...the Nevins bathroom is screwed up too =) Happy hunting!