Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm always surprised when spring shows up every year. Our winters here are so mild, but distinct -- lots of rain, dark skies, snow up the hill. But even in winter, the northern part of California has the sun and breezes and blue skies that make the state famous.

So when winter finally loosens her grip and starts to slowly, unwillingly, give way to spring, I'm always caught off guard. It's like, "Oh. Right. You're here." We may still get rain, the temperatures may turn cold again, but there's this shift that happens where you just know it's temporary and the sunshine and warmth have won.

Yesterday was the day I made that realization this year. I snuck out for lunch and sat in the window of a cafe like a lizard, soaking up the sun and people watching. Folks pouring out of the cathedral from noon mass. Walking around in their shirtsleeves and sunglasses. Laughing and smiling with each other.

It's that time of year.

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Sharon said...

boo spring. a sure sign that summer is on its way :-(

but in light of "it's going to space" I won't complain or anything.