Friday, February 20, 2009

This morning

The break of day, from the back yard.


Unknown said...

I still love the beautiful crappiness of cell phone pictures. I'll be a little sad when they get as good as regular cameras. Maybe I should start a Flicker group called Beautiful Crappiness. There probably already is one.

Unknown said...

Here are the three closest:

Cell Phone Camera HDR:

"Here are some facts (mostly):
1. HDR = Beautiful Photographs
2. Cell Phone Camera = Crappy Images

Add 1. and 2. together and now....

Cell Phone Camera HDR = Beautiful Crappy Images

That is what we are looking for!"

Camera Phone Corner :

"Hardly the greatest cameras (some would even say crappy), nonetheless we use them at times 'cause they're the only thing available for that right moment (or it's all some of us have!).

Good pictures, crappy pictures, whatever, this is all about camera phones and camera phones only!"

Quirky Goodness :

"Quirky Goodness is what i use to describe those photos that normally would not be considered as
"good quality" to some people."

I still think there needs to be a "Beautiful Crappiness" group. Will you submit some of yours if I make one?

Nora :) said...

Yes. Yes, Rodney, I will.