Thursday, September 11, 2008

Video of the day: an oldie but a goodie

I'm loving Fatboy Slim these days.

The music and videos both are so innovative, bending genre lines, and the sound is just really fresh and unlike much else on my iPod.

I was searching YouTube for something new from Fatboy Slim to download, and came across this video, which Skinny Spice originally showed me a while ago.

It's about as good as it gets, with Christopher Walken, always a crowd pleaser, showing off his considerable dancing chops. I could just watch this over and over.



Christina said...

Wow! That's impressive in a scary, really hilarious way... =)

Sharon said...

I remember loving that video on MTV -- back when they actually played videos (i hear they don't anymore) and I got MTV (I don't anymore).