Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Burger Club takes on J's

The Burger Club hasn't gotten together since the end of May given legislative calendars and job changes. Last time we went to Mason's for very fancy Kobe beef burgers, fries in paper cones and sodas in skinny bar glasses. For last week's trip, J, M, D, G and I went a more classic direction with a quick lunch over at J's Cafe.

Located at 10th and J, J's is a regular stop for many Capitol folks. Close to The Building, its fast service, affordable prices and noisy diner atmosphere make for the perfect lunch stop on a tight schedule and/or budget.

All four of us ordered burgers, fries and sodas, with each total coming in under $10. Not bad for so much food that you feel a bit like you can't walk well for the rest of the day. There were the regular permutations -- cheese or grilled onions here, avocado or avocado there. Served on a plastic tray and wrapped in paper, the burgers were huge and the fries were hot:

We dug in. And didn't talk a lot as we demolished the food. Which was pretty good, all in all. The fries especially were a big hit, but the burgers were big and decent. I mean, not Kobe-beef-decent, but no one expected that.

The average grade of J's Cafe burgers by Burger Club members was a B. And I think G summed up everyone's sentiments best: "The beef could have been fresher. The avocado was great. Without a doubt, the best fries in town."


Christina said...

I'm drooling. And it's not even 10am.

Sharon said...

has the burger club ever been to "The Habit" -- looks like it's a chain -- I'm not a fan of chain restaurants (in general) -- so, I'd appreciate a trusted review before I patronize it myself.

Stacy said...

mmm...yes, please! no milkshakes?!?!