Monday, May 25, 2009


The new neighbors' name
As I've been crashed out on the couch for the last couple of days, my new neighbors have enjoyed the holiday weekend in their new back yard. With windows open to catch every breeze, I've listened to them play and romp and squeal -- and get in trouble.

Apparently one of the children is named Micah. I have yet to see him (or, if I have, I'm not sure which one he is). But he's sure been a handful this weekend:
  • "Micah, I am going to count to three. One.... Two.... Micah, I am not kidding." (though since they never seem to get to three, I can see why Micah would think they were)
  • "Micah, if you don't stop that right now, you are going to get a very long time out."
  • "Micah, no! No no no!"
  • "Stop it, Micah. Please."
  • "Micah? Micah!"
So, I have named the new neighbors "Micah's Family." There are at I think three children in total living there, and yet his is the only name I've heard.

The swine flu (or whatever) abates
I'm finally feeling a bit more human, and the pets have quit barfing, too, so I guess we're all on the mend. Just in time to go back to work!

I still worry that since neither Daisy nor Boo leave the house, I am the one who exposed them. To whatever it was we've had.


Lynne said...

bummer to be sick when you finally had a weekend. but glad you are feeling better!

Christina said...

Eeks! You've ALL been sick?? I'm so sorry!!

Sharon said...

yes, the counting thing...whoever started that was bad. I'm definitely not a perfect parent, but darn proud to say I've never "counted!"

sorry you've been sick :-(

Christina said...

LOL -- true, Sharon... but I must admit that I've been quite TEMPTED to count a time or two...

Lynne said...

I'm not a parent...and I think I've counted!

Any of your read Plowman's book "Don't Make Me Count to Three"?

I am pretty sure it is about not counting... :)