Thursday, May 28, 2009

More babies

Here's Baby Belinda at almost six months. She's huge! Especially in contrast to Baby Sammy.

Her mom (!) and I snuck out last night for dinner at Dairy Queen (Cora's pic) and I just couldn't keep my hands off her. Look how much hair she has! And her cheeks! Her eyes, smile and chin are all Cora's mom's, and it's just bizarre to look at that wee girl and have her grandmother staring back at me.

Please ignore my goofy hair. We had played a game where I sort of charged at her with my mouth and eyes wide open, she would make dinosaur noises (pterodactyl? T Rex? unclear) and grab my hair in her pudgy little fists, pulling it as hard as she could. Both of us laughing all the while.


Sharon said...

Nora, I think you'd think all babies are adorable, but this one IS particularly beautiful :-)

Christina said...

She it too cute! And both of you have fabulous hair!