Friday, May 22, 2009

I am so proud of Shu

This weekend, my dear friend Shu! will walk in Rutgers' graduation ceremony. He technically received a degree in economics in December, but ceremonies are reserved for the spring.

He did this by going to school at night, juggling a full-time day job, writing books (yes, more than one), marriage to a great fellow Houstonian and so many pets that I literally have lost count.

For those of us who've done the full-time work/part-time school thing, we know there's really no such thing as being a part-time student. And how adult life creeps in on things in a way that is crushing. In the midst of it all, though, Shu! remained funny, mostly upbeat, largely nonwhiney and appropriately grumpy with The Man.

I am just so proud of him. Vagaries with The New Job prevented me from being in New Jersey this weekend to watch him walk, but I hope he knows I'm with him in spirit and what a gift his friendship and example are to me.

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