Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Easy dessert, or poignant, realistic portrayal of woman's downward emotional spiral?

Well good gracious, if this isn't one of the most disturbing little bits of "advertising" I've seen in a while. A 1950s ad for, of all things Jello pudding -- is there a happier dessert? I'd thought not, either, until I saw this horror that manages to actually demonstrate what a psychotic break might look like if it were to happen near dinnertime. In 1952.

Via the geniuses at BoingBoing.


Sharon said...

I love it! It's totally got me sold!

Christina said...

Too late to make dessert?? What?? Isn't that what you do AFTER the kids go to bed? (Ha! my captcha is "bedish")

David Wolfe said...

So totally 1950's...I love it!