Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A day in the life of a legislative staffer

Nora: May I tell you something? At the risk of oversharing?

Coworker: Yes.

Nora: Well, today I had to run up to committee when I heard Boss starting to present my bills in Appropriations and I didn't know he was already there. Anyway, I took the stairs two at a time. And now I have a terrible cramp in my butt.

Coworker: ...

Nora: It really hurts.

Coworker: That is oversharing.


Christina said...

LOL...uh, I mean, I'm sorry. I really hope your butt feels better!

Sharon said...

I bet you wouldn't have this problem if you wore more sensible shoes.

Sharon said...

I just saw a youtube clip of judic. yesterday. this wouldn't be the same hearing, would it?

Nora :) said...

Ha. No. I was scampering to Approps. :)

Sharon said...

right, approps, i see you mentioned that. my bad.

my advice: lay of the lunges.