Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Exhibit A

Remember when I said that after I became a Christian, I was concerned that meant I'd have to listen to Christian music?

This is just the kind of thing I was talking about. Via Sean:


Sharon said...

I'm a total dork, I know, but I actually don't think they sound that bad. I mean, I wouldn't pay money to listen to that song, or want to hear it more than once, but they obviously put some effort into it, right?

and you gotta love the open collar shirts -- nice!

Sharon said...

and another thing...that song doesn't bug me as much as the "we're a Christian band, but lets make a song that doesn't talk too much about God and maybe it'll get played on a secular station" philosophy (aka: the "Baby, baby" method).

Nora :) said...

I get what you're saying, they're definitely trying, and the wanna-be-secular/doctrinally frightening stuff is absolutely bad too.

But my gosh -- it's just not good. It's not good to the point of being laughable.

I believe they're trying to do a good, praising-God sort of thing, but I fear they're repelling more people than they're attracting to the gospel.

Anonymous said...

Dude, do you think they're trying to be Devo?

Btw, the thing it's making me type to verify I'm not a bot is ohupdnt which I just think could be made into many funny things.