Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things I never thought I'd do at work

Among my varied work tasks and responsibilities, I open the office's mail. Since I'm responsible for tracking donations and making deposits, this makes sense. Some days are more interesting in this regard than others.

Today was an interesting day, mail-wise. A Priority Mail envelope full of checks a state director sent to us for processing was, apparently, dropped into a puddle or something en route to our office. The envelope was very late in coming; when it arrived, it was completely sodden and in one of those clear "We're sorry we ruined your mail" baggies from the post office.

The checks inside the envelope were so wet and floppy that nothing could be done with them until they dried out. So, the edges of my desk became a check-drying rack.

I worked all afternoon, surrounded by money. Wet money.

1 comment:

David Wolfe said...

so you spent the afternoon laundering money? Isn't that illegal?