Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hey, so, it turns out...

... that there are people who don't take handfuls of Advil every day.

... that some people come home after a long day at work and do chores and cook dinner rather than collapsing on the couch in tears.

... pretty regularly, most people actually go to bed at night -- and sleep. For hours and hours at a stretch and wake up in the morning feeling better than they did the night before. Like, rested.

... that when Northern California is blessed with its typically gorgeous springtime weather, not everyone hisses at the sunshine like a vampire because it makes glare that sneaks around even enormous sunglasses and hurts.

... that there are people for whom pain is not a constant daily reality. Some of these people may be made, um, pudgy and a little more spaced out than usual by the multiple daily preventative medications they take to get this way (and all of which is made possible as all things are by His will and mercy and the constant prayers and concern of friends).

It turns out there are these people.


Christina said...

=) ::HUGS::: And it's so, so good to have you back!! ::More hugs:: (As if you didn't get enough of them from an over-excited me this morning! ;))

Hopefully your crazy teenage neighbor won't go testing any of your theories on what wouldn't give you a headache now...

Coletta said...

Happy, happy, joy, joy - - rejoicing with you dear one! :o)

Lynne said...

Love the saddle picture! And sure glad to have you back!