Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day in the life of a legislative staffer

Scene: Fifth floor hallway of the Capitol. I was meeting with a group of constituents too large to fit in our office.

Constituent A: blah blah safety net blah blah redevelopment money blah

Nora: *nodding, taking notes, making sympathetic noises*

Constituent B: We know things are moving quickly with the vote coming up Thursday, and..."

Nora: I understand. And?

Constituent B: Do your shoes have whiskers on them?

Nora: Uh...

Constituent B: And are those ears?

Nora: Ah, well, yes, they are.

*Entire group is now staring at my feet.*

Constituent A: They're mice!

Nora: They are. They are mice. They were on sale. And seemed whimsical at the time.

Constituent C: They are whimsical.

Constituent D: I think I see their noses.


Christina said...

hahaha... no better way to communicate that you don't take life TOO seriously!! ;) Love 'em! And I love the fact that you told a big group of people that they were on sale. And I love the fact that I'm hoping that you really do have a white pair and a black pair. But where do you get mice shoes???

Sharon said...

Mice shoes. hm. At least they're not Mickey-ish. That would definitely be inappropriate :-)