Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New favorite thing: stainless steel straws

I love straws. Love, love, love them. I love them so much, in fact, that I typically use two at a time in my drinks (I don't know why. I've always done this. Must be an only-child thing) and even have an old-school, jadeite pull-up straw dispenser on my kitchen counter at home. Love them.

So, when I saw these, I sort of shrieked a little bit. They're simply great -- reusable (so I don't get enviro guilt about using two non-renewable straws at a time and go off and buy a carbon credit someplace), cool looking (I mean, aren't they?), and just plain unique.

A box of 50 plastic straws costs like $1 or something, so it's not like I'm saving money with these, but they're sure a pleasure to use. The only down side? Since they're pre-bent, they don't fit in my cool straw dispenser.


Coletta said...

From one straw addict to another...I simply love your new straws! They seem absolutely marvelous. Enjoy them!

Christina said...

Ooooh! Those are beautiful!!

Hmmm... David DID say that I always find new ways to spend money after reading your blog. He loves it when I admit to him that he's right... I wonder if that will get me some straws? ;)

David said...

How about we just say I'm wrong and we not get them?

viktorphilippe said...

How to clean the metal straws? Drying them clean especially? Just asking thanks I live on straws :)

Nora :) said...

viktorphilippe, I have just been washing them in the dishwasher. They drip dry in there by the time I empty the clean dishes.