Friday, November 27, 2009

Whom do you follow on Twitter?

Twitter is a strange, wonderful thing.

By reducing people's thoughts and comments effectively to haikus with its 140-character limitation, strange, funny, beautiful phrases and observations come often from people you'd least expect. Too, it's a little like the great equalizer -- so many famous people tweet under the own names or obvious handles (like Ashton Kutcher, who tweets under aplusk) that non-celebrities can get a small window into their lives and minds.

So -- who's following whom on Twitter? I follow many friends and colleagues, obviously, and lots of publications, but here's a list of other folks who amuse or inform me with their little blurbs.
  • WilliamShatner: Need I say more?
  • HalfPintIngalls: Yep, Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie is a hilarious, anachronistic poster.
  • MarkFinan: Local weather guy. Hugely helpful to have weather forecasts tweeted to my phone a few times a day now that rain's on the menu.
  • NotRickWarren: He gets it, even if Pastor Warren doesn't.
  • FakeJohnPiper: Screamingly funny at times. Actually makes me laugh out loud.
  • FakeAPStylebook: Does anal retentive have a hyphen?
  • HowardKurtz: Writer for the Washington Post and CNN media commentator.
  • Sh*tMyDadSays: Generally profane, mostly amusing posts of a 29-year-old man who lives with his dad and tweets the little gems of wisdom his dad spouts throughout the day.
  • Dooce: Mom of two kids in Salt Lake City who blogs and tweets about her life and raising a precocious five-year-old and baby, living with dogs (one of whom is crazy) and a funny husband.
  • Wonkette: Caustic, potty-mouthed political commentary from the left.
  • ShoeBlogger: Very, very funny man who blogs and tweets in an homage to Manolo Blahnik about shoes and society.
  • PostSecret: The postcard art project I love so much in a Twitter version.
  • LigonDuncan: Mississippi pastor I admire (and have a small crush on) provides bits of doctrine and God's Word.
  • Hodgman: The humorist and embodiment of the PC in Apple commercials is a regular and frequent poster. His brain is a strange and funny place to be.
  • ESVDaily: A daily Bible verse from my preferred version of the Bible.
What are yours? Share in the comments, please.


Sharon said...

I thought I left a comment...did you delete it, Nora?

I said you have arguably the most random collection of followings in all of twitterdom!

I follow RCG-ers, CA politicos, and real and fake Piper. That's all I have time for :-)

Nora said...

Ha! I did not delete your comment, Sharon.

My stuff goes right to my PDA so "following" is a matter of randomly scanning UberTwitter every couple of hours...

Unknown said...

You should make a list!

Sharon said...

oh I just thought of one you probably don't have: @WORLD_Magazine


It's the Christian version of Time/Newsweek, and I usually think Christian versions of secular things are the definition of LAME. However, they do pretty decent journalism, offer a unique perspective, and cover stories you won't find anywhere else. Also, Marvin Olasky is awesome: