Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In which I am apparently not dressed correctly for the weather

Scene: I am approaching the corner of L and 11th streets. Like most work mornings, I am met by Anthony, a homeless guy who sells his art and newspapers to Capitol community members streaming in and out of the building. It is sunny, but cool.

N: Good morning, Anthony! How are you today?

Anthony: And where is your COAT?!

N: Uh....

Anthony: And your HAT?!

N: Uh. *nervous giggle* It's not quite cold enough for all that, is it?

Anthony: (grimly) Well, it's very DAMP.


David Wolfe said...

Sounds just like Anthony! Cool guy, and pretty dang talented artist too. :)

Sharon said...

Sounds like Anthony should be thankful he's homeless in Sacramento and not somewhere that won't see weather like yesterday until May!

(yes, I'm good at finding things others should be thankful for. it's a gift)

Christina said...

too funny...