Monday, June 29, 2009

In which my boss is nice to me

Nora: So, I was wondering if I could leave a little early today.

Boss: What's up?

Nora: Well, I feel silly saying this, but it's my dog.

Boss: You have a dog?

Nora: I do. She's pretty old.

Boss: How old is she?

Nora: 14. And...

Boss: 14?!

Nora: Yes. She was my mom's dog, and now she's mine.

Boss: Why is she yours?

Nora: Because when my mom died she came to me. Anyway...

Boss: Aw. What kind of dog?

Nora: *makes approximate Daisy shape with hands* Small. A rat terrier.

Boss: Aw!

Nora: Yes. And she wasn't quite sick this morning, but she was not herself.

Boss: No?

Nora: No. And I'm just worried about her because she's old. It's probably the heat, but...

Boss: Go! Go!


Sharon said...

so sweet!

Christina said...

Boss definitely gets brownie points there!!

How's Daisy??

Christina said...

Oh... uh, yeah... the answer to my question is right there in the label. I'm sorry.

I'm glad she's okay!