Tuesday, March 3, 2009


To: My cough
Re: Enough already

I finally looked at the calendar today. It was a month ago that I came down with the stupid Cold of Doom that started you. A month.

And yet you hang on, arguably worse than during the actual sickness. Little tickles. Breath grabbing hacks. Conversation interruptions. Always out of my control and totally gross sounding. And ruining my sleep.

Why are you still here? What is your purpose? And why have you afflicted Sean and Lynne as well? The office sounds like some sort of infectious respiratory disease clinic where we're all there, hacking away.

It is nearly spring. We are changing the clocks this weekend, even. You are no longer welcome.


Christina said...

I second that!!

::Hugs:: (for Nora. Not the cough.)

David Wolfe said...

Cough? Me too...for over a month. On a Kaiser provided inhaler which has helped slightly...I just want to be able to talk at work w/o hacking...need my voice. =(